Monday, February 3, 2014

Sweet Samma

my sweet Samma

tomorrow is your birthday
tomorrow you will be three years old

lately you've been telling me how badly you want to grow up
how you want to eat your vegetables so you can grow big and strong, like daddy
i tear up every time you tell me how badly you want to be a "big girl"
because i just want to keep you this age forever

 we've had quite a year, me and you
a few weeks after your second birthday i became pregnant with your baby brother and from that moment on i was determined to soak up every moment of your last year as an only child
and i did
we went on vacations. we went swimming, paddleboarding, and surfing.
we went to sea world. we went everywhere and did everything. and then we stayed in bed all day. we snuggled. we went to the pumpkin patch, your favorite, and we chased firework shows all over san diego.

this was a big year for our little family
we welcomed your little brother, Trey, and the three of us became the four of us
and even though i often worried how i would adjust and how i could possibly love another child as much as i love you, i never worried about you


you are strong and sweet
you are spunky but rarely sassy
you are my sunshine
you really are

you have adjusted to your role as big sister like i knew you would

last week as i was taking pictures of Trey, with my phone, the flash kept going off and you immediately threw your entire body over him (poor Trey) to cover and protect him from the bright light and you yelled "Mama! That light is hurting his eyes! Stop that!"
you've shown me over and over that you would do anything for him
in fact, you have even offered him your beloved, and i'm told "magical", white blanket

you start preschool tomorrow
it's the best present your daddy and i could give you because you are always wanting to play with your "friends". it doesn't matter that you've never met a single kid in your new class because you think everyone is your friend and all you ever want is to play and have fun.
you do life right, Samma Bear

Samma Grace, you are my heart
you are an example to everyone who knows you on how to live life with enthusiasm and an open heart. you love to laugh and forgive easily 

you like tools and tutus
firetrucks and fancy dresses

you like to pretend that you are a kitty cat and you'll sometimes stay in character for hours
it's perfect because you remind me so much of a cat in that you are playful and fun with everyone but affectionate with very few people

when i call you "Samma Grace" you like to say,
"i'm not Samma Grace, i'm the Samma Bear"

and you are

you are my Samma Bear and i am the luckiest mama in the world because you always will be

happy birthday, samma bear
and it's no surprise that such a "daddy's girl" would be born on her daddy's birthday

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