Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Five


I'm obsessed with these! Right now, I'm just eating them by the handful but I can't wait to experiment in the kitchen and bake up some cookies or something yummy with them, too!
I have these in every color because i'm living in them right now. they are perfect for running errands with a crazy toddler and a growing belly! Now I just need Lululemon to make them in more colors...
I ordered up a size in this cover-up to allow for my growing baby belly but even at 17 weeks the medium is big. I opted to keep it in the bigger size because when I put it on I had a major Mrs Roper moment that I was loving and I wanted to ensure it would last me through this pregnancy as September and October are the hottest months around here and I'll be at the pool as much as possible!
I saw these at Target a few weeks ago and had to have them. We use sidewalk chalk around here almost every day so these were just too cute to pass up! Usually, we sit in the driveway and wait for daddy to come home and work on our letters, numbers, and shapes.
When I found out I was pregnant with Samma, a friend suggested this body butter to me. She swore by it for preventing stretch marks. I'm not sure if it's this lotion, genetics, or both but I never got any stretch marks and I'm not taking any chances this time around! I slather this on in the mornings and use a Vitamin E oil at night since the oil can transfer to clothes I prefer to use it when I'm in my pajamas. The milk & honey body butter smells great, absorbs quickly, and is supposed to provide 24 hour hydration. Hopefully it works this time around, too!

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