Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday, Samma Bear! (picture overload ahead)

Way back in early February my little Samma Bear turned two!
(and her daddy had a birthday that day, too)
Between the post-party detox, clean up, and living with a now two-year-old. I've been a little swamped and haven't had a minute to document it. the spirit of  "better late than never"
Samma's Milk & Cookies 2nd Birthday Party

and since it was daddy's birthday too...
We didn't throw Samma a big 1st birthday party. Looking back, I'm so glad we waited until her 2nd birthday to throw a big party. She was old enough to really enjoy the giant Dora jumpy as well as being surrounded by friends, family, and a ton of cookies. I decided to go with a Milk & Cookies theme because I wanted to be able to invite a lot of people without the pressure of feeding a lot of people. Yes, I just said that out loud.  It turned out about as cute as anything I've ever seen, if I do say so myself, and I owe Aunt Elley and Auntie Neah a huge thanks for all they did to help me get ready.
(Aunt Eddie, Mama, Auntie Neah, Aunt Elley)
How cute is this sign my sister made?!
I think the "mik mustaches" were the biggest hit of the entire party

If you can't tell, Dora kinda hijacked the Milk & Cookies theme. This is what happens when my husband listens to his Dora-loving-daddy's-girl instead of his anti-character-theme-wife
GG wanted to play in the jumpy, too

and how cute is this dress Auntie Neah got her from SheShe Made?

sign of a good party? crashed out baby in her birthday dress and all
Her actual birthday was on a Monday morning and that was when she got her new kitchen and I let her have leftover birthday cookies for breakfast

since Monday was also CJ's birthday we spent the day at the beach and then got home in time to grill out in the backyard and give Samma her new Dora quad.
even two months later, the Dora photobomb still freaks me out!
From what I can remember
 It was a fun weekend full of birthdays, Super Bowls, and one too many cookies!!

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